Limitation Leads to Liberation


A Parable From Break Through Your BS Once upon a time in an ancient village, a young man dreams of adventure, but he has a great fear… If he ventures outside his homeland, he knows there are those out there who would wish to enslave him. Torn between his desire to explore the world freely […]

The Force Stronger Than Willpower


Unlocking The Force Stronger Than Willpower For Fitness There seems to be one thing I’ve found consistently that separates those who are successful in sticking to their resolutions and those who give up. See if you can figure out for yourself why “Jim” is successful at reaching his fitness goals and “Bob” eventually gives up. […]

3 Hidden Things That Kill Your Motivation To Workout

The Tug-O-War Of Desires “I know I’d feel great if I’d exercise… but I just can’t seem to get the motivation to do it.” Sound familiar? On one hand you can have this overwhelmingly strong feeling you should exercise.  You know you’d be proud of yourself.  You’re excited about the thought of looking freakin sexy […]

How to Build a Habit With a Bag Of Carrots


Creating Habits Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Have you ever set a resolution that you tried and failed? Chances are, you were taking the whole “I’m just going to use a bunch of willpower” approach. Maybe you felt so fired up about your desire to do things better you felt nothing could stop you… and […]

3 Things I Did To Change My Fitness Habits

The Healthy Habit Revolution Book
The Healthy Habit Revolution Book

The Journey Begins 11 years ago, I was eating fast food every single night and I never exercised. I remember my friends would tease me about how little I cared about my body, but since I wasn’t facing any major pain staying where I was at, I didn’t see a reason to change. However, something […]

Missing Out On Something

The following is a guest blog post from Janelle of My husband and I were at the Las Vegas airport waiting for our flight home after we had attended Higher Laws University 101 in St. George, UT. Since we had about 2.5 hours to spare before our flight left, we surveyed all the restaurants […]

Why We Lose Our Results

Today I want to share with you the biggest mistakes that I see people make who start the journey to better themselves in fitness, relationships, business, or overall happiness.  It’s a trap that I’ve fallen into many times myself and I can guarantee you have too. The reason I can guarantee you’ve made this mistake […]

Mini Habits For Major Results

The Best Strategy Ever For Sticking To It? Today I want to share with you the most stupid simple strategy for reaching your goals and developing habits I have ever come across. Without implementing this approach, what tends to happen is people follow through on their resolutions when their motivation is high, but fall back […]

Why new fitness information is usually a waste of time

As an author, one piece of feedback I occasionally get from people either about my own work (particularly with motivation) or another person’s is that “it isn’t anything new.” And my response would be something like “do you want to learn something new that doesn’t work, or learn what’s age old and has worked for […]

The Best Fitness Book Ever?

Best Fitness Tips Book
Best Fitness Tips Book

The Fitness Tips You WISH You Knew I am super psyched to announce the release of what I consider to be hands down one of the best health and fitness books for the price you’re ever going to find.  My new book “50 Fitness Tips You Wish You Knew” has just launched and it reveals […]