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Whether you’re new to health and fitness, or a long time fitness buff, you’re going to find a lot of useful cool things here at Excuse Proof Fitness.  There will be constant updates to provide new articles and videos related to all aspects of getting in great shape by losing fat, gaining muscle, getting stronger, and getting healthier with cutting-edge techniques and strategies.

EP Fitness focuses on three key areas for lifelong results.

1. Mindset and Motivation – Nothing else matters if someone isn’t able to get themselves to do what they need to do.  Generally most people don’t consider mindset or motivation stuff to be that sexy.  But how many people make a New Year’s Resolution to get fit and then give up after two weeks?  Or have an exercise machine gathering dust somewhere? We’ll be sharing quite few “mind hacks” and concepts of human psychology and behavior so you can reprogram yourself to have unstoppable motivation and never have to let lack of motivation be an excuse.

2. Highly Effective Techniques – There’s a lot of BS out there and dogma about the “right” and “wrong” way to eat or exercise.  I’m not here to tell you what to do as if we’ve discovered the only “one true path to fitness,” but rather show you the most effective dietary and exercise plans used by world class trainers to get results in ordinary people at the fastest possible rate, or with the least amount of effort.  That means I draw from a variety of resources and present you with only the best of the best.  When you know what works, you’ll never have to let lack of knowledge be an excuse.

3. Lifelong Practical “Excuse Proof” Strategies – We don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen and gym, and drop a boat load of money to be healthier and more fit.  Learning stupid simple strategies that allow you to easily eat healthy, move more, and do so without sacrificing your life means you can not only know what to do and get yourself to do it, but KEEP getting yourself to follow through year in and year out so you can enjoy a sexy fit body for the rest of your life.  When you have not only what works, but works with your life rather than against it and are motivated enough to do it, you’ll be “excuse-proof.”

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To get a solid foundation in these 3 areas, I suggest starting with these articles:

Mindset and Motivation:

How To Get Yourself Motivated To Reach Your Fitness Goals

In this article, I give you the basics you need to know to get motivated to reach your fitness goals.  Learn some unique  tips and tricks to increase your motivation and change your habits with ease.

How To Stick To A Diet

Getting started isn’t enough, if you want to see results you need staying power.  Learn the strategies for increasing your motivation and willpower so you can stay on a diet program.


The Simplest Diet Strategy

I wrote this for people whom, like myself, can get overwhelmed at times with all the conflicting dietary advice out there.  Learning these basic concepts will help you not only help you lose fat without having to go on extreme “weight loss diets,” but enjoy a healthy body that feels as good as it looks.

Healthy Eating For Busy People

This is an excellent guide for people who want to learn how to cook healthy meals quickly and on a busy schedule.  A lot of people let their limited time, lack of cooking skills, and/or picky tastes get in the way of eating healthier nutritious meals.  Watch and learn how to overcome all of these things.

How To Make Spinach (and Other Greens) Taste Great

This is one of my favorite recipes for getting more raw greens into your diet.  This works even if you hate the taste of leafy greens like spinach.  It is also incredibly fast to prepare taking no more than about 60 seconds!


The Stupid Simple Guide to Exercise

Learn the basics of why exercise is important, what the best types are for getting super sexy, and what you absolutely MUST master before moving onto more advanced forms of exercise.  Discover why both conditioning and resistance training are important for men and women when it comes to getting a body worth being envied.

LGN 365 Review

My review of what I consider to be one of the absolute best exercise and nutrition programs out there by JC Deen.