Missing Out On Something

The following is a guest blog post from Janelle of http://www.lionstylelife.blogspot.ca/

My husband and I were at the Las Vegas airport waiting for our flight home after we had attended Higher Laws University 101 in St. George, UT. Since we had about 2.5 hours to spare before our flight left, we surveyed all the restaurants near our gate to determine our options.  Since both of us had been eating out at restaurants all week (with the exception of some healthy snacks) my body was telling me that it needed a salad.  However, my taste buds were telling me that they needed a burger from Carl’s Jr., a fast food chain restaurant that we don’t have in Canada and that I had never tried before.  As a compromise, I got a salad and green smoothie from a Mediterranean restaurant and a burger from Carl’s Jr.

Near our gate, we ran into Kyle McNeil, our Higher Laws Personal Results Specialist. Kyle said that his flight to Calgary did not leave for a couple of hours and that he was interested in getting some food. I sheepishly told him how I had made a compromise and got a burger and a salad to eat on the plane. I explained to him how I really didn’t feel like eating another fast food burger but I had never tried Carl’s Jr. before. Then he said, “So you feel like you would be missing out on something…

I told him that I had never really thought of it that way before and thanked him for this awareness.  Then Kyle continued by saying, “That’s what your Hyena will tell you but you’re not missing out on anything…

NOTE:  There are two parts to ourselves because there must be opposition in all things – The Hyena (i.e. ego) and The Lion (higher self).  The Hyena is that part of ourselves that holds back, shrinks from our potential, makes excuse and is selfish and prideful.  The Lion is that part of ourselves that strives, takes the next step towards our potential, is selfless and full of unconditional love.

After we boarded the plane, I stared out the window for several hours.  Kyle’s simple statement had such deep impact on me.  I experienced a “dark night of the soul” and my heart ached as I thought about all the things I was really missing out on. I wish I could chase my son on the playground.  I wish I could run the way he could.  I wish I didn’t stress out that I could not run and catch up to my son if he got too far ahead of me on the sidewalk. I wish I had more energy and vitality. I wish I had more choices in the clothes I could wear and buy. I wish I could bend over and tie my shoes and still be able to breathe and that the zipper on my pants wouldn’t pop open. I wish I could walk down the aisle of the bus at work and not have to walk sideways. I wish I felt more attractive and sexy for myself and my husband. I wish I could dance the way I used to.  These are truly the things I am missing out on.

I am so grateful to Kyle for helping me to see my Hyena. It was a painful realization but now I think I am ready to take the next step towards a bright new future…

About the Author:  My name is Janelle. I have been living and working in Alberta, Canada for the last 19 years. I have been married to my loving husband for 11 years and we have a beautiful 5 year old son. You can read about my other experiences in applying Higher Laws (principles that produce results in unleashing potential, finances and love and relationships) learned from Brandon Broadwater at The Answer to Everything Event and University 101 at: www.lionstylelife.blogspot.ca

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