Useful Online Tools

PRODUCTIVITY – Sign-up for a free account with many cool time saving and organizational tools. This is excellent for keeping track of your priority and to-do list, making notes on ideas, tracking progress, etc. EMOTIONAL AND STRESS MANAGEMENT TOOLS – Excellent free guides and audios for helping manage stress.

Recipe and Cooking Resources

Healthy Recipes¬†– Beachbody offers tons of free recipes. – Body Ecology diet friendly recipes. – A blog by Cara Lyons using healthier ingredients in delicious recipes. – Clean Eating Magazine includes recipes and tips for healthy eating. Metabolic Cooking Fat Loss Cookbook – A great cookbook specifically designed for the fitness […]

Recommended Websites

HEALTH EDUCATION Various websites to continue your education. They may not always agree with each other, but they make good starting points for getting a diverse range of information. – The most popular alternative health website, blog, and newsletter on the web. – A great new site for more natural solutions to any […]

The Best Discount Online Food Stores

Discount Online Health Food Store Recommendations: These are some of my favorite places to shop for cheap health food online. – Amazon actually has some of the cheapest prices for purchasing food online in their grocery section.¬† They rely on multiple retailers, including some of the ones listed below and offer highly competitive prices. […]

Discount Online Supplement Stores

DISCOUNT SPORTS SUPPLEMENTS AND PROTEIN – Highly affordable due wholesale pricing by cutting out the middlemen and advertising costs. They offer bulk protein and supplements. Some of the absolute best deals on protein powders with custom flavoring and combination options. Whey protein concentrate is around $7. Their hemp protein and pea protein are quaity […]