The Best Fitness Book Ever?

Best Fitness Tips Book
Best Fitness Tips Book

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The Fitness Tips You WISH You Knew

I am super psyched to announce the release of what I consider to be hands down one of the best health and fitness books for the price you’re ever going to find.  My new book “50 Fitness Tips You Wish You Knew” has just launched and it reveals cutting edge tips you won’t find anywhere else.

Ok, maybe you can find some of these tips elsewhere.  I won’t claim to have “invented” everything I share in this book.  But it did take me nine years and thousands of hours of research and personal experimentation to distill down all the various insights of psychology, motivation, herbal remedies, body hacks, exercise tips, healthy eating strategies for broke and busy people, end more into one simple to read guide.

Do You Wish You Knew…

• How to get your best night of sleep ever? Tip #5 reveals something that modern research has just discovered in the past couple years and normalize your circadian rhythms and help you sleep like a baby your first night using it – Hint: It’s NOT a supplement!

• The root source of all of your behaviors? Tip #15 reveals what this is so when you change this, your entire life will change!

• The top 5 supplements you must take for ideal health? Tip #37 reveals the essential nutrients you’re likely missing that can all be replaced for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day!

• What to do if you have almost no time to exercise? Tip #45 reveals how to cut your exercise time down into half while increasing your fat loss and muscle building results!

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