Product Reviews

Healthy Recipe Guides:

The Best Weight Loss Cookbook – With over 250 great tasty and easy to make recipes, this is by far the absolute best guide I’ve seen for fat loss recipes.

The Best Bodybuilding Cookbook – Building muscle  means eating… a lot.  This guide is packed full of over 200 high protein recipes that taste amazing.   All you need for bodybuilding meal plans to keep things from getting boring.

Excercise Guides:

LGN 365 Review – Looking for a “step-by-step” guide that takes you from A-Z of everything you need to know to set up a exercise plan to burn fat or build muscle, exactly how many calories to consume including fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and how to ensure you stay motivated though it all?  This is one of the most complete fitness guides I’ve seen from an excellent personal trainer JC Deen.  It’s like having you own personal trainer right by you laying out the entire plan you need for whatever your goals are.

Kitchen Devices:

Juicer Review Breville BJE200XL – The juicer that I personally use.  This thing is absolutely great!  But it might not be for everyone.  Check out the pros and cons and how it compares to another juicer I’ve used.


The Best Probiotic Supplements – Probiotics can be the “missing link” in good health.  But not all probiotics are made equal.  Every strand has their own unique qualities and benefits, while some strands are relatively useless.  Find out which probiotic supplement is right for your needs and how to ensure you get the best quality product.

The Best Natural Thyroid Boosters – Is a sluggish thyroid keeping you from losing weight?  Learn how to properly diagnose thryoid issues with a simple home test, and then find out how you can boost thyroid function naturally with these safe and effective supplements.