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Various websites to continue your education. They may not always agree with each other, but they make good starting points for getting a diverse range of information. – The most popular alternative health website, blog, and newsletter on the web. – A great new site for more natural solutions to any number of health conditions. – David Wolfe’s, a researcher on various health and longevity protocols run this website and podcast. Highly suggested for those interested in more cutting-edge and “alternative” ideas. – Excellent health tips and newsletter. – Donna Gates’s website with great articles and a quality newsletter. – A large collection of articles by various individuals dealing with any number of health topics. Questionable accuracy at times (like anywhere) but interesting reads on there. – A diverse forum of people testing and reporting on various health and alternative health treatments and protocols. Remember, this is all just various opinions and not meant to be taken as fact.

HEALTH NEWS – Mike Adams runs this website in natural health news and looks out for protecting health freedom.

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