Best Fitness Gifts For Men and Women


Gift Ideas For Fitness Enthusiasts Trying to find that perfect Christmas, holiday, or birthday gift idea for the fitness junkie in your life?  Look no further!  You’re about to discover the perfect gifts for guys and girls that can match any price point.  I can attest as a fitness lover myself that just about any […]

The Best Probiotic Supplements – Top Strains and Products


What Is The Difference In Probiotic Supplements? It’s important to recognize that the term “probiotic” refers to a broad category of all the various beneficial bacteria and microorganisms found in the gut.  That means every probiotic supplement is unique in terms of the effects it will have in the body and on the individual. It’s […]

Useful Online Tools

PRODUCTIVITY – Sign-up for a free account with many cool time saving and organizational tools. This is excellent for keeping track of your priority and to-do list, making notes on ideas, tracking progress, etc. EMOTIONAL AND STRESS MANAGEMENT TOOLS – Excellent free guides and audios for helping manage stress.

Recipe and Cooking Resources

Healthy Recipes – Body Ecology diet friendly recipes. – A blog by Cara Lyons using healthier ingredients in delicious recipes. – Clean Eating Magazine includes recipes and tips for healthy eating. Metabolic Cooking Fat Loss Cookbook – A great cookbook specifically designed for the fitness minded with fat-burning ingredients and time-saving recipes. […]

Favorite Supplements

NUTRITIONAL TESTING Use this test to determine specific needs for supplementation with individual vitamins and minerals. – A variety of nutritional testing including micronutrient for determining what vitamins and minerals may are deficient. They also offer genetic tests, omega 3 tests, and others. TOP RECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENTS 1.Vitamin D3 – Softgel or liquid form 2.Omega […]

Training Information and Routines

EXERCISE ROUTINES Strength, Power, and Muscle Building Routines Conditioning Health and Longevity – John Gray leads you through a simple exercise routine excellent for all individuals. Flexibility training Mobility Drills Glute Work BODYWEIGHT EXERCISE TRAINING