Why We Lose Our Results

Today I want to share with you the biggest mistakes that I see people make who start the journey to better themselves in fitness, relationships, business, or overall happiness.  It’s a trap that I’ve fallen into many times myself and I can guarantee you have too.

The reason I can guarantee you’ve made this mistake is because every single person struggles with this unless you become conscious of the pattern and make an effort to break it.  Even after I was taught this pattern I STILL fell into it and it applies to anything in life – so I suggest paying close attention.

The trap that I fell into is something Brandon Broadwater calls the “Pride Cycle.”

Here’s are the four stages of the price cycle:

  1. Growth: You’re studying and (more importantly) practicing and applying new skills.  Maybe you’re studying how to exercise, eat healthier, or general self-improvement.  You could be working with a personal trainer or coach to take things to the next level.  Perhaps you’re just working on being a better person all around.
  2. Success and Prosperity: If you stayed in a state of growth and applied what you learn, eventually you have a breakthrough.  You’ve finally reached the point of “success.”
  3. Pride: You start to study less, work less hard, and say things like “I know all that already.”  Even worse, you may start to feel better and superior to others that you’ve surpassed and feel like they don’t have anything to teach you.
  4. The Fall: Eventually your pride becomes your downfall and you start to lose the fruits you’ve earned. In areas of competition, it could mean seeing your competition blow past you.  The pain of loss eventually becomes a wake-up call.  It’s at this point you hit rock bottom and realize you have to start growing and learning new things if you want to get back on top.  When things get bad enough, you re-enter the growth phase and the cycle starts over.

The thing is, you are always somewhere in the pride cycle. The only way to avoid the fall is to stay in the first two stages, growth and prosperity.

One great method to stay in a state of growth is to ask yourself quality questions like “How can I keep learning?” “How can I create a new challenge for myself to take things even further” “What is it I should be learning that I’m not?”

For more information on staying out of the pride cycle including the one attribute that overcomes pride, you can attend the Answer To Everything Event.

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