LGN365 Review – How To Look Great Naked 365 Days A Year

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What Is LGN365?

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JC Deen – Creator Of LGN365

LGN365 is a fitness guide and series of workout routines created by trainer, blogger, and all around great guy named JC Deen who is well known among the fitness community as being one of the most respected sources for no-BS fat loss and bodybuilding information.  The name of the program stands for “Look Great Naked 365” because it covers just about everything a person would need to know to burn fat, build muscle, and enjoy an awesome looking body year round.

JC Deen has given me the honor and privilege be one of the guest experts he interviews for the program.  So naturally, any program with yours truly is going to be good.

I’ve since got a copy of LGN365 and, even though I would expect nothing less than something spectacular from JC, I was very impressed with how well put together his guide is.  Keep reading to find out what I enjoyed about the guide, and to get a no-BS look at if it is the right solution for your physique goals.

Who Is LGN365 For?

To begin with, you can tell this guide is obviously not aimed at the typical “get super huge” bodybuilding crowd, nor is it for the people looking for a “quick fix” to burn 30 pounds in 30 days.

That’s not because it doesn’t contain great information on how to burn fat or build muscle, but this guide is more for those who want to simply… look great naked.  More muscle, less fat, and what I would consider an “athletic” looking physique.  It’s for people who are busy with other priorities in their lives and aren’t looking to drop everything they have going on to go on a hardcore bodybuilding routine or a radical (and unsafe) fat loss routine for quick but unsustainable results.

That’s because the entire layout of the program is designed so the average person will quickly and easily be able to find out exactly what steps they need to take to reach their goals, but more importantly how they can integrate these steps into their lifestyle so they can maintain their great looking body year round.

What Makes LGN365 Different?

Extremely Effective: While there are certainly many good training programs and diet guides out there, JC has spent a good portion of his life digging into countless hours of research on everything related to body recomposition.  He has then tried and tested numerous methods not only on himself, but many clients to find the exact formula that is most effective for the vast majority of people.  Combine that with his connections to the world’s top trainers, fitness experts, and researchers, and you’ll realize how valuable it is to have all of that knowledge distilled down into one easy to read guide.

I’ve started to put the workout routines to the test and am currently utilizing his most advanced muscle building routine in the guide.   I”ll have an update post on my personal results later.

JC Deen

JC’s Results

Hype-Free: The first thing you’ll notice about the program, and this says a lot about JC, is that it is very “hype-free.”  That’s because even though this stuff works far better than most nonsense out there, JC recognizes that overly hyping things up creates unrealistic perspectives in people.  Namely, people think in terms of quick fixes instead of lifestyle habits.

What Makes LGN365 Great?

Mindset Focused: If you’re familiar with my work, you know how much I emphasize mindset as playing the biggest role in getting results with your health and fitness routine.  Nothing works until you make it work, and JC knows how important the psychology of an individual is in terms of the results they will get.  He gives very simple but effective ways to get yourself motivated to not only get started, but stay on track day after day and year after year.  This is the missing link in most fitness programs, and by including it, he’s virtually guaranteed you’re going to stick through long enough to see results.

Step-by-step: You’ll know how much to eat including the proper ratio of fats, protein, and carbohydrates including automatic calculators to figure it all out just by typing in your body weight, activity levels, and goals.  You learn how to properly read nutrition labels. Exactly what exercises to do with the right amount of sets and reps for both fat loss and muscle gain.  You get a breakdown into how JC assesses what kind of program is best for someone.  You then get multiple programs to run through the year so your body keeps “guessing” and never adapts to one thing for too long. You even get exercise videos showing you proper form.

Basically, it’s like have a world class trainer right by your side giving you a personal evaluation and setting up all of your training and diet for you.  Except in this case, you learn how to do it yourself so you can always adjust and readjust as needed over the course of the years so you’re never left wondering what you should be doing.

This ability to never have to worry about “is what I’m doing really working?” is worth the price of admission alone.  So many people who try to piece things together only to end up unsure of themselves and hesitant to invest much effort.   But by having everything laid out with a system that has been proven time and time again to get great results, this allows you to leave second guessing behind and get straight to seeing your body start to transform.

Practical: Practicality is another thing that sets this program apart.  It doesn’t just tell you the “ideal” thing to do leaving people feeling like it would be next to impossible to actually fit the recommendations in with their lives.  Instead, JC is a realist.  He knows the everyday challenges people including himself face, and he doesn’t give overly restrictive rules.  This includes having things like multiple workout routines that fit into a variety of schedules and how to stay on track while eating out a restaurants.

Expert Interviews: The expert interviews really rounds out the program.  JC ties up any loose ends by bringing in others, like myself, to explain things like how to create habits that stick, how to prepare fast healthy meals, and how to sort through all the conflicting information floating around out there in the fitness advice world.

When it’s all said and done, anyone going through the guide will have all the tools to ensure they will be successful in reaching their physique goals.

Is LGN365 The Best Fat Loss and Muscle Gain Guide Out There?

I myself, and even JC wouldn’t say anything is the “best.”  There are many great programs out there that are effective for fat loss and muscle gain and it all depends on the individual and their circumstances.  But very few programs can match the caliber of LGN 365.  If I had this program when I first started, I would have saved myself a lot of obsessive worrying about things that ultimately don’t make a whole lot of difference and instead would have been able to focus only on what I knew was essential for my goals.

That being said, if you’re not able to invest at least several days a week to training in the gym and tracking your food intake, this probably isn’t the guide for you.  Because it follows a proven template of what will work for either fat loss or muscle gain based on real world testing, just randomly following bits and pieces of the system probably won’t yield as good of results as JC’s clients.  So, you’ll want to make sure you’re really committed and that your lifestyle allows for you to take some time and energy to learn and apply the system.

If you are committed and able, then I’m confident this program will give you what you need to look great naked 365 days a year.  I don’t recommend a lot of courses and programs, so I’m staking my reputation on this one by both including myself in it and recommending it here.  That’s how much I believe this guide will benefit my readers.  So if you’d like to look great naked all year round, click the link below to find out more:

Click here to learn more about LGN365 and purchase the program


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