Favorite Supplements


Use this test to determine specific needs for supplementation with individual vitamins and minerals.

www.spectracell.com – A variety of nutritional testing including micronutrient for determining what vitamins and minerals may are deficient. They also offer genetic tests, omega 3 tests, and others.


1.Vitamin D3 – Softgel or liquid form

2.Omega 3 – Recommend any fermented marine oils for www.greenpasture.com, “Whole Omega” by New Chapter, Barleans Omega Swirl, Spectrum Fish Oil, or any other pharmaceutical grade fish oil.

3.Greens powder: Healthforce Nutritional’s Vitamineral Green, Organic Spirullina, and/or Broken Cell Wall Chlorella

4.Astaxanthin – The world’s most powerful antioxidant. Safe and effective to take at recommended doses (unlike other antioxidants that may be harmful). Protects skin against sun damage, protects eyes, aids in athletic recovery, and more.

5. Sensoril Ashwaghanda Extract – Highly affordable. Rebalances stress and sex hormones, aids in energy, all around good adaptogen. Only $3 a month!

6.Country Life – Bone Solid – Great as a “multivitamin.” Take this as opposed to other calcium supplements. Also supplies boron, vitamin K2, small amounts of vitamin D, and magnesium.

7.Magnesium Oil

8. Earthing/Grounding Products and Mat – Visit earthing.com for more details.

Appetite Control:

9. Caralluma – A safe and effective appetite suppressant that also helps burn fat while preserving muscle.  It boosts energy preventing a crash that can occur from restricted eating.

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