EP Fitness Podcast 03 – How To Stick To A New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Excuse Proof Fitness Podcast Episode 3


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In this podcast, Derek Doepker discusses strategies for staying motivated to stick to a health and fitness resolution.

You’ll discover:

  • The 3 questions you must answer when setting a resolution.
  • How changing 2 words can instantly increase your motivation.
  • The #1 way to stay on track when life gets in the way.
  • Why reading too much information can actually be harmful.


What, Why, And How

What do I want? Answer this question with both a long term goal, and a short term 30 day challenge that will move you towards that goal. Use specific goals that are either clearly accomplished or not. Focus on behaviors as much or more than actual outcomes. Goals should be challenging and stretch your comfort zone without breaking it or being too stressful.

Why do I want it? Answer this question with both the long term and short term painful consequences of failing to reach a goal as well as the long and short term benefits of successfully reaching the goal.

How will I get it? Figure out only what you need to take the next best step without getting overwhelmed with information overload. Get an accountability partner or coach. Set up a systems of positive punishments and rewards.

For more tips on sticking to a New Year’s Resolution, check out the books How To Stick To A Diet and 50 Fitness Tips You Wish You Knew on Amazon. Free kindle reading apps are available here.



  1. Carlo says

    Hi, great podcast I have taken down notes from this podcast, and I have to say, great work! Thank you for sharing this podcast! I CHOOSE to do the work you have told in this podcast, because I want to change my body. I want to live healthier, and make it it my lifestyle and habit.

    I have bought your two books already, and have gotten great results from it especially the 1-2 realistic goals per month thing. You have also given me the free bonus gifts for buying your books! Thanks alot! I’m gonna read them and do my work! I’m moving forward to my goal. Thanks to you, Sir
    ! Loving your tips and guides!

  2. says

    Hi Derek!

    I am an avid bodybuilder and I honestly have to say you should get more media attention. The podcast is very well done and the stuff about reading too much information? I have been trying to keep my friends from doing that for years! So true.

    Keep up the good work, I will continue to listen.

    • says

      Hey Lorne! Thanks for the support.

      Slowly but surely I’m starting to reach more people which is exciting. Feel free to share this podcast with anyone that you feel would benefit from it of course!

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