About EP Fitness

What makes Excuse Proof Fitness different?

After many years of research and experimentation, I knew what worked for me and for others, and I also knew strategies that were so stupidly “excuse-proof” that ANYONE could use them to get results no matter what their circumstances were.  The problem I faced however was that almost everyone had their excuses preventing them from even getting started.

So I identified 3 elements that would enable anyone, regardless of their    circumstances, to get started and stay on the path to lifelong success:

1. Getting in the right frame of mind so you are actually excited by health and fitness and making it something you enjoy for the rest of your life. This works even if you are repulsed by the thought of eating salads and drinking water all the time (which luckily you don’t have to do!) like I was when I first got started.

2. Knowing the most effective and efficient strategies so you can get in incredible shape and look downright sexy without sacrificing wasted hours exercising, cooking meals, or obsessing over calories and food. These strategies must also be so effective they work even if you have the “world’s worst genetics” and obesity and/or health issues have been with you all of your life and run in the family.

3. Knowing how to keep your results forever.  That means you don’t just get in great shape, but you’re able to stay in great shape for the rest of your life no matter how crazy your life gets.  “Calorie counting” is out, and 5 minute fat eliminating health building meals are in.

The problem with other many products and programs:

There are a lot of great programs, trainers, tools, and advice out there.  But there’s probably a heck of a lot more crappy stuff, gimmicky infomercials and hyped up “magic pills” being pushed on people.

The truth is, you really don’t need a lot of that stuff when you really understand human physiology.  Even if you’ve “tried everything” and nothing worked, I can promise you there’s a lot of cutting-edge stuff emerging in research about how we can even overcome “genetic limitations” to reprogram the body to be lean and sexy, but it doesn’t come from following most of the typical advice out there to “eat less, move more” which can sometimes do more harm than good!

Another issue with these programs is they tell you it should be super easy and you’ll lose 10 pounds each week.  Although that can be done, what if you aren’t able to keep those results?  A lot of people who lose a significant amount of weight gain it all back within a couple years.  (Except those who follow the strategies shared throughout Excuse Proof Fitness)

The truth is there are going to be some challenges and it isn’t always easy, but when you have the right “tricks” and “tools,” you can easily overcome many of the challenges and actually thrive because of them.  But that takes ignoring the hype you’ve been sold and focusing on what really gets results.

So what makes “Excuse Proof Fitness” different, and why I created it is because while a lot of programs focus on “what to do,” I included the “how to get yourself to do it” component.  That means focusing on all 3 elements by:

1. Developing unstoppable motivation through the latest research in psychology and human behavior on “reprogramming your emotions” to be thrilled by health and fitness and excited each day to see your body transforming in front of you both on the INSIDE and out.

2. Teaching you the latest and greatest strategies for rapid fat loss, muscle and strength gain, and how to shape your body closer to what you desire in a way that is safe and permanent!

3. Giving you strategies and tips so simple and “excuse-proof” that ANYONE can get themselves to do them even if they are crazy busy, dead broke, stressed out and overwhelmed, or can be just plain lazy.