What it means to be “Excuse Proof”

Why “Excuse Proof?”

I adopted the phrase “excuse proof” for several important reasons.

First of all I wanted people to know that there were solutions out there that were essentially “excuse proof.”

I don’t have enough time to eat healthy


Solution: I’ll show you how to cook healthy meals in less time than it takes you to walk out to your car to drive to the nearest fast food place or pick up the phone and order take out.

I can’t afford a gym membership so I’ll never get in shape…


Solution: I’ll show you how you can get equal if not better workouts at home for little to no money invested.

Well I can’t change my crappy genetics and “I’ve tried everything” so I’m screwed

Bull crap! (The research on epi-genetics shows that although our genetic inheritance does certainly impact us, a large aspect of our genetics is under our own control.  The foods we eat, the lifestyle we live, and even the thoughts and beliefs we have are actually manipulating our genetic expression)

Solution: I’ll show you what the research shows on how you can modify your behaviors to alter your body’s chemistry and hormones to shift to that of a lean, fit, healthy person and keep it that way.  Granted having a body or metabolism like your best friend or fitness model may not be feasible for you.  But a basic if not downright awesome level of health and “sexiness” is obtainable by the vast majority of people no matter how “screwed” they got in the genetic lottery.

What does it mean to be “Excuse Proof?”

In addition to showing people solutions that could be labeled “excuse proof” because they are so stupidly simple and easy to do, I also believe first and foremost that being “excuse proof” is a mindset an individual can adopt by making a simple choice.

This means making the decision that YOU will be “excuse proof” and not let anything stand in your way.  When one decides to stop making excuses, they can start making solutions.

I could tell you more about this and what it means to me, but sometimes there are people that really embody the essence of this and a video is worth a million words.  So I’m going to share a “inspirational” video each week of some of my favorite examples of successful people who didn’t let their obstacles stop them, but rather used them as a means to persevere, grow, and inspire others.

You may or may not feel like you’re at that level, and that’s ok.  Sometimes we feel like we’re just not “as strong as others” or “have the same amount of willpower they do.” It’s all good.  We all can be at that place and there’s nothing wrong with it.

By continually exposing yourself to positive, “motivational” material like the video below, you can start to take on the traits of people like this by simple observation.

Watch the video below and please share with others.  Also, please comment on your thoughts and let me know other people you either know personally or heard about that embody what it means to be “excuse proof.”  Enjoy!

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