Recommended Products


Earthing Mat – Mat to keep you grounded at home on the computer and while sleeping.  Excellent for regulating cortisol, reducing pain and inflammation, and overall health.


Programmable Crock-Pot Slow Cooker – A slightly higher end crock-pot that lets you program a time. Highly affordable, but still a little more expensive than other crock-pots for the added features.

Automatic Shut-off Crock-Pot – The same 6quart crock-pot I use. Shuts off automatically.

The Magic Bullet 25 Piece Set – I use the Magic Bullet all the time for smoothies, sauces, chopping, and more. The extra cups that can be stored in the refrigerator are life savers for making sauces and toppings. Whether or not you use the Magic Bullet, get ANY similar small kitchen blender/processor like this to save tons of time and for easy cleanup.

Lock & Lock Food Storage Containers – Locking containers are pretty much essential for taking food on the go as they lock tight to prevent spilling. Simply toss in the container and toss that container in a bag. Available in both plastic and glass.


Resistance Band Set – Set of resistance bands with multiple levels of resistance and doorway anchor. Excellent product for a total body workout at home with minimal cost.

Ringtraining Gymnastic Rings – offers some of the highest quality gymnastic rings for use at home.

Pull Up Bar – Pretty much essential to effectively working the back at home via bodyweight.

Cellerciser Rebounder – Expensive, but the best quality in terms of rebounders for health and fitness. – Find local people selling their unused exercise equipment. Great for snagging too heavy to ship items at a discount and for great deals. Build a home gym for the fraction of a gym membership.

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