Only have 25 minutes to workout? Do this!

Too Busy To Exercise?

When I first started Excuse Proof Fitness, I surveyed a group of people to see what their biggest challenge was to getting in and staying in shape.  It probably won’t come as a surprise that the thing that came up the most was not enough time.

The first hurdle to overcome here is recognizing that you’ll never “have” time since it’s intangible.  Instead, you manage what you do with your activities.  You ALWAYS find time for what’s important to you.  If getting a drop dead sexy body matters enough, you’re going to find the time.

The issue is that most people think getting ripped means spending 45+ minutes on a treadmill in addition to resistance training.  This is the slow, boring, and downright less effective way to do things.  With the right routine, you only need 25 minutes a day and you’ll see dramatic transformations in a matter of weeks.

25 Minute Workouts

The most popular 25 minute workout routine is Focus T-25 which is run by Shaun T, the trainer in Insanity.  I just did one of these workouts the other day and it’s no joke.  There’s very little rest between exercises, but the movements vary enough that it’s not overwhelming.

The pros of this workout is that you can get incredible results in only 25 minutes a day.  The downside is that some of the moves require more coordination and it will take a little getting used to.  Shaun tends to incorporate more rhythmic elements in his routines which, even for coordinated people like myself, have a learning curve.

Watch the video to learn more:

Getting Started

To get started on Focus T-25, you have two options which both include complementary coaching and group support from myself as I’m a Beachbody coach.

The first is to get the workout program and get your breakfast included for 30 days with Shakeology, the ultimate superfood shake which is what I take daily.  I recommend this because not only will you get a greater discount, but I’ll offer personal one on one email coaching for anyone that orders here.

Order T-25 With Shakeology and get a personal coaching session and free book from me.  ON SALE UNTIL MAY 1st.

Another option for those who don’t want to take advantage of the special deal and health benefits of a superfood shake is to get the program by itself here.

Order T-25 Workout Program Only

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