How To Make Quinoa – Quick and Tasty Quinoa Recipe


What Is Quinoa?Quinoa

Quinoa is a grain-like seed that was prized by the Incas as being the “mother of all grains.”  That should say something about how great it is!  You’ve probably started to hear more about this food in recent times due to its growing popularity for being gluten-free, high in protein, and potentially delicious when prepared right.  This makes quinoa and excellent addition to anyone’s diet whether they want to lose weight, add muscle, or just improve their health by reducing the consumption of “lesser” grains like wheat and substituting them with quinoa.

How To Prepare Quinoa

Quinoa preparation is similar to rice.  The one caveat about quinoa is that it can be covered in something called saponins which can give off a bitter taste.  While most suppliers have pre-washed quinoa, it doesn’t hurt to give it some additional rinsing under water in a strainer.  I myself have never noticed a bitter taste when I haven’t washed prior to cooking however.

The next step is to cook the quinoa.  Use 2 cups of water for 1 cup of quinoa (2:1 ratio like rice).  You may also add a pinch of salt.


1. Boil Water

2. Stir In Quinoa

3. Let simmer for 10-15

Slow Cooker AKA Crock-Pot:

1. Use 2:1 Ratio water to quinoa.

2. Let cook on high for 3 hours or low for 6 hours.

Rice Cooker:

1. Use 2-1 ratio of water to quinoa.  High altitudes and darker quinoa varieties may require a bit more water (extra 1/4 cup)

2. Let cook (rice cooker should shut off when done)

Quinoa and Shrimp Recipe

Here is me with a quick and easy quinoa and shrimp crockpot recipe.

How To Flavor Quinoa To Taste Great

The great thing about quinoa is that it takes on a variety of flavors.  Usually whatever you cook it with.  Add spices and oils prior to cooking.


1. Salt – Add to water when cooking

2. Seasonings like rosemary, sage, curry, cinnamon, etc.

3. Garlic and Onions


1. Olive oil

2. Coconut Oil – Adds a nice character to the quinoa if you enjoy coconuts.

3. Butter or Cream (add after cooking) – Adds a richness similar to adding butter to mashed potatoes.


1. Fruit – raisins, dates, blueberries, etc.

2. Honey

3. Milk or almond milk (great for a breakfast quinoa)

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