EP Fitness Podcast 02 – How To Eat Healthy On A Limited Budget

Excuse Proof Fitness Podcast Episode 2


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In this podcast, Derek Doepker and Shane Edele discuss strategies for eating a healthy diet on a limited budget as well as ways to save money on health food.

You’ll discover:

  • How to get organic quality food at conventional food prices
  • The place you must shop at for the best discounts
  • The way people are throwing money down the drain on food
  • Simple tip for getting meats at half price

Resources Mentioned In The Podcast

Discount Food

localharvest.org – Find local farmers and Community Supported Agriculture programs for massive discounts on fresh and organic quality produce.

barryfarm.com – Get bulk food and grains at low prices.  Many organic foods available.

greenpolkadotbox.com – Discount online grocery store.

Discount Supplements

www.truenutrition.com – Highly affordable due wholesale pricing by cutting out the middlemen and advertising costs. They offer bulk protein and supplements. Some of the absolute best deals on protein powders with custom flavoring and combination options. Whey protein concentrate is around $7. Their hemp protein and pea protein are quaity vegan proteins. Use discount code DKD714 to save on your order.

www.nutraplanet.com – Nutrplanet has very good prices on many brand name supplements and they carry their own line of bulk powders and proteins at a much more affordable price than retail with better than average quality. Often has holiday specials for incredible deals far below retail.

iherb.com – One of the largest selections of health supplements at some of the lowest prices. They also offer free shipping on orders from $20-$40. Use this link to save $5 on your first order.

www.swansonvitamins.com – Swanson carries their own line of very high quality supplements of virtually every type. It is often my first stop to find a particular vitamin or herb as they carry quite a selection. They also carry other brand and are the exclusive distributers of a number of health products. Great place to purchase coconut oil at an affordable price.


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