22 Minute Hard Corps Is Here!


Why Am I So Excited?

Because the whole “no time to workout” excuse is flying out the window with these 22 minute workouts…

And because that’s ME you see in the picture with Tony Horton! #EgoBoost #ShamelessSelfLove

I’m featured in the three “Spec Ops” workouts as part of the 22HC deluxe workout package.

I regularly workout with Tony Horton at his house, but this is the first time I’ve been in any of his workouts.  And because I know first hand how what these workouts entail, I know they’re going to get YOU results.

What is 22 Minute Hard Corps?

A series of 22 minute, high intensity military bootcamp style workouts designed to get you ripped fast.

No time?  No problem.  Everyone can commit to 22 minutes a day.

The workouts are also a salute to the military and feature veterans from the four branches of the US military, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

What Equipment Is Need For 22 Minute Hard Corps?

A sandbag or dumbbells is optional and a sandbag is included in the deluxe kit.

You would also want a pull-up bar or resistance bands for back exercises.

The vast majority of the exercises however don’t require any added equipment.


How Can You Get Started?

First, contact me if you’d like me to be your free Beachbody coach at info@excuseproof.com

You can get these workouts in either the Deluxe kit here: http://excuseproof.com/22hcdeluxe

Or if you’d like to be considered for an online accountability group, shoot me an email at info@excuseproof.com and I’ll have a special link for you.

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